Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Multiple postings, and Dunning your Kruger

Sorry about all the posting and reposting on this week’s two posts (Language, Flat Earth and Goldilocks: Three riffs on evolution and The anti-evolutionist case: Fred Reed, “scurrilous” indeed). It took some fiddling to get the html to display indentation and suppress interparagraph struts in both Chrome and Safari (haven’t checked other browsers).

Also, Danny G from Sydney points out that what I called “Kruger-Dunning” is normally called “Dunning-Kruger”. I noticed this too, in the wiki link. But by then I’d used “Dunning” as a verb and I didn’t want to lose the grammar geekage. The original paper is by Kruger and Dunning, not Dunning and Kruger. And, after all, this blog is about truths, not norms :-)

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